The Xylanthian Chronicles
by Thomas C. Stone

"Not your Granny's sci-fi,
but she'd absolutely love it."

The Xylanthian Chronicles is a science fiction action/adventure trilogy written by Thomas Stone. The three books track the exploits of a group of characters who start out as a team of explorers cataloging the flora and fauna of Xylanthia -- a moon in orbit around a gas giant locked in place between the binary stars at Sirius.

A gateway in time is discovered amid speculations on the nature of the origin of life on Xylanthia. Meanwhile, an enterprising technician derives a recreational drug from an alien substance and our group of space travelers start getting high. And that's just the beginning.

The three books, in order, are Xylanthia, Return To Xylanthia, and The Galactic Center. The Xylanthian Chronicles is written for a general audience with a suggested rating of PG-13 with references to drug use and violence. If preferred, each book is also sold separately.

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