by Thomas C. Stone

Xylanthia is the first book of a (2017) science fiction trilogy by Thomas C. Stone, referred to as The Xylanthian Chronicles. The story moves with a gut-wrenching pace and Stone makes it entertaining enough with his usual unforgiving prose and a vignette-style flow.

Xylanthia concerns the adventures of a deep-space exploratory team in the 24th century and how they came to be on a moon orbiting a gas giant at Sirius A. Among other wonders, a gateway in time is discovered while an enterprising technician derives a recreational drug from an alien substance. Suddenly, we're off to the races. And that's even before the transdimensional beings show up. Yep, that's what I said. Transdimensional beings.

Xylanthia is presented through two main characters, Mackenzie Maguire and Chef. Chef is a cook and Mac is a rookie scientist. Both are just trying to survive. Intrigue and survival? Both are in abundance.

Fans of Thomas C. Stone will appreciate action galore in all three of the books that make up The Xylanthian Chronicles. Xylanthia is intended to be read by a general audience; PG-13 for drug use, mild sexual references, and violence.

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