Return to Xylanthia
by Thomas C. Stone

Return to Xylanthia is aptly named in that we find the same characters as in the first Xylanthia book; at least, those who survived the first trip to the crazy planet in the Dogstar constellation. Naturally, Mackenzie Maguire shows up again along with her nemesis, Tyra Yasmin. Together, the two explorers try to figure out how to survive, make it back to Earth (alive), and get rich in the process.

Ah, the erstwhile plans of space pilgrims are often fraught with peril as well as the disregard of a proper diet. Our intrepid explorers find themselves transported through time and space as they battle the elements on Xylanthia, the always present threat of the Anandii, and one another.

Return to Xylanthia is intended to be read by a general audience; PG-13 for drug use, mild sexual references, and violence.

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